Susanna Cerasuolo
Hi I’m Susanna, founder of CollegeMapper, and The Brains Behind the Operation. I started CollegeMapper because I believe every child deserves to go to college. I love tiny dogs, long books and French culture. I am a first generation college graduate, graduating with Honors and Distinction from The Ohio State University and Harvard University, and have done post-grad work at Berkeley and Oxford.

Peter Lindburg
Hi I’m Peter, our VP of Partner Development. I've been closely involved with Internet companies over the last 14 years across a variety of industries.  At CollegeMapper, I'm responsible for developing our revenue and traffic partnerships.  In my free time I enjoy playing tennis, skiing and eating anything gourmet.  I've got an Engineering degree from Cornell University.

Adam Weyant
Hi I’m Adam, CollegeMapper’s lead developer. I graduated from the University of Washington and was drawn to CollegeMapper because of the big comfy chair and the philanthropic mission. When I’m not knee deep in code I like to hit the gym, hang out with my cat, and listen to "Call Me Maybe" on repeat.

Helen Voelker
Hi I’m Helen, Director of Product here at CM. My background in children theatre made CollegeMapper an obvious fit because I love helping students achieve their dreams. When I’m not planning the next development cycle I love to watch football, bake pies and sing in the shower. I graduated from the University of Washington.

Mia Myklebust
Hi I'm Mia, Director of Marketing here at CollegeMapper. I was drawn to CM because of my desire for every student to have a college experience as wonderful as mine was (Go Aztecs!) In my free-time I enjoy watching Seinfeld re-runs, eating my body weight in chocolate and boogying down to whatever music happens to be playing at the time. I graduated from San Diego State University with a degree in Journalism and Media Studies.

Josh Villars
Hi I’m Josh, one of CollegeMapper’s developers. I focus on the front-end as well as data and analytics. I came to CM because of my interest in the intersection of education and technology but stuck around for the perk of free coffee. I love to play soccer, walk around the city and just generally remain active in an attempt to make up for a diet of fried foods and desserts.