Select colleges offer online classes which students can take while still in high school. Many of these programs are dual enrollment, meaning that students can receive credit toward both their high school and college degrees concurrently.


Junior and senior year of high school are the recommended grades to take online classes, but some schools encourage enrollment of sophomores as well. Each program has its own unique eligibility requirements, so make sure you check out your intended program to ensure you qualify.


Online classes are a growing trend. They can be useful if you want to explore new subjects, get ahead by earning college credit, or strengthen your skills in a specific subject.

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Programs Available


BYU Independent Study offers over 550 online courses at the university, high school, and middle school level. Most courses allow a year for completion ,and enrollment is open to anyone. Learn More.

Northeastern University

Northeastern University offers three types of online programs to rising high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors. These programs include "College Prep Experience," "Summer Seminars," and "College 101." Learn More.

University of Alabama

University of Alabama offers online classes that fill college general education requirements in many disciplines. These classes are open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Learn More.

Oregon State University

Oregon State University's Ecampus program offers over 40 classes to high school students. These classes are delivered primarily over the web and through instructional videos. Learn More.

North Dakota University System

North Dakota's dual-credit program allows high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors to take courses and receive college credit. These credits may also be used to meet high school graduation requirements. Classes are available online, through an interactive video network, or in person. Learn More.

University of Nebraska Lincoln

University of Nebraska Lincoln offers college credit to high school juniors and seniors. These classes allow high achieving students to prepare for the academic rigor of college courses. Learn More.