Need some tips and tricks for the college admissions process? Check out these links for articles about the admissions process in general.
Art Students
Are you a student who loves the arts? Whether you are a dancer, painter, singer, or anything else in the art world these links are great resources to get you into art school or department at your top school.
Are you planning on playing a sport in College? These links are filled with important steps that will help you make the team.
Blog Posts
Blog posts that are currently relevant.
Choosing a Major
Wondering what to Major in? These links will help you decide.
College Fairs
One of the best ways to connect with a larger number of colleges is to attend a college fair. These links give you information about the date and times of college fairs across the country.
College Transition
If you're done with the college search and are just waiting to head to school these links provide lots of information about the exciting transition!
College Vibe
Know the stats but are curious about what current students are saying? These websites have more information from students who attend the college to give you a better sense of the vibe.
For Veterans
If you have recently completed your military service and are thinking about going to college, this section is for you.
Health and Safety
Health and Safety are the most important part of college (and life). Check out these links for resources on how to stay safe and healthy.
Tired of reading? Check out important information put into a graphic.
International Colleges
If you are thinking of studying outside the United States these links are a great resource for applications and programs available.
Learning Disability Resources
These websites have a wealth of resources for the learning impaired.
Schools with a Religious Affiliation
If attending a school with a religious affiliation is important to you then check out these links for more information.
Testing is an important part of the college admissions process. These links have additional information about signing up, schools that require tests and preparing.
Need help with a tough class? Check out these links for different places to find a tutor to help your grades back up.
Virtual Campus Tours
Visiting a campus is a key part of deciding what school is right for you. However if you can't make the trip to the actual campus these websites provide virtual tours of campuses around the country.